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I have always had an interest in art and creativity, from an early age I could be seen whittling
(carving) pieces of timber.  I was aptly named Darach which means 'Old Oak' and have
always had a passionate desire to work with wood. I am also a lover of the out-doors and
love to walk amongst forest's and natural habitat.   My interest to work with wood as a
young boy was noticed in school and to nobodys suprise I went on to become a carpenter
/ joiner.
I also joined the Merchant Navy as a young man as I had an overwhelming curiosity about
the world and was lucky to experience places like Burma and the fantastic Mardi Gras held
in New Orleans.  I like to work hands on three dimensionally and consider myself a sculpture
/ maker rather than a fine artist working two dimensionally. Being creative and having a good
ability to work with my hands I returned to college studying art professionally at the
National College Of Art And Design, Dublin.
I took breaks in Italy a few times and met my partner there, it was through her friends I was introduced to the beauty and creative potential of glass, her friends were glass makers their
skills and the glass medium facinated me, I did not hesitate in applying to specialise in glass
sculpture which was a wonderful experience and a complete joy! I graduated from NCAD with an honours degree and work from my own studio with my own kiln / oven I am looking forward to the future and being creative, I hope you enjoy looking through my work and maybe learn a little
about the Lost Wax Process and glass sculpture and
THANK YOU for visiting my website!